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Need a little extra cash?

Bring in your pre-owned laptops, desktops and other tech equipment for evaluation and sell your used technology to get cash today!

The Sacramento Tech Exchange has been serving Sacramento and West Sacramento, CA, for the past 10 years, buying, selling, and trading a wide range of pre-owned and refurbished tech.


Here's a list of items we DO buy:

  • Apple laptops and desktop computers

  • PC laptops and desktop computers

  • iPad Pros

  • Flat and curved monitors 

  • Computer accessories

  • Studio reference monitors

  • Pro audio equipment

  • MIDI controllers

  • Musical keyboards

  • PA speakers

  • DJ gear

  • Audio interfaces

  • Video capture cards

  • Studio lights

  • Ring lights

  • RGB lights and fixtures

  • Smart home lights and accessories

  • Green (and blue) screens

  • Microphones

  • Mic stands / arms

  • Mic preamps

  • Interesting gadgets 

  • Nostalgic collectibles

Here's a list of items we DO NOT buy:

  • Laptop computers beyond repair

  • Desktop computers beyond repair

  • Chromebooks

  • Cell phones or smartphones

  • iPads

  • Android tablets

  • Kindles

  • Earbuds

  • Printers

  • Copiers

  • CRT computer monitors

  • Televisions (all types)

  • DVD players

  • Home CD players

  • Gaming consoles

If you're unsure whether your items are something we would be interested in purchasing, please give our store a call at 916.642.9237.

Please note that we are not obligated to purchase any item(s) at any time. Many factors are considered before we decide to purchase any item(s).

Any decision to purchase your item is made ONLY in-store and in person with no exceptions. 
Valid identification is required to sell any item to The Sacramento Tech Exchange.


Contact us TODAY!

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