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Looking for a local Sacramento or West Sacramento custom computer store to build that ultimate custom gaming computer, custom music production computer, custom video production computer beast or just a wicked fast custom home computer? 

Give us a call TODAY for a custom quote or come in the store to browse our ready to roll inventory

Want a custom gaming computer build that will SMASH the latest version of Doom or Overwatch on ultra-high settings?

We have EVERYTHING and more you will need to build that beast!

Need a custom gaming computer build that won’t break the bank so the kids stop complaining that Minecraft runs slow?


Our custom computer gaming builds have been keeping kids and adults smiling like cheshire cats for years!

Do you already have a custom gaming computer that just can’t keep up with the times?


No problem at all! Bring it in for a FREE upgrade consultation!

Have a box of components or struggling to complete a home build? 

Pop them parts in the car and head down to the Sacramento Tech Exchange TODAY! We have decades of custom computer building experience and our super nerds at our West Sacramento store build nothing but AWESOME all day, every day!

Have a question about a custom computer build?

Give us a bell & Contact us TODAY! 

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