Computer Music, Pro Audio and Dj Classes

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The Sacramento Tech Exchange, located in West Sacramento just outside of Sacramento CA and is so much more than just a tech store! We offer a wide variety of pro audio workshops, dj classes, studio and computer music lessons so you can get the most out of your gear! Browse our workshops below and Contact Us or call 916.642.9237 for pricing, custom workshops and booking info.

Introduction To The Theoretical, Practical and History of Electronic and Computer Based Music Production.

This jam packed session covers all the computer music basics from choosing a digital audio workstation to the key elements and basics of computer music production.

After completing this session you will have the knowledge and confidence to start professionally producing your very own tracks from hip hop to electronic dance!

Session Agenda

- Introduction
- History and evolution of computer music
- Introduction to essential studio components, hardware and basic configuration
- Introduction to Digital Audio Work Stations (DAW’s) and basic overview of Cubase, Ableton, Protools, Logic, Reason, Fruity Loops
- Introduction to MIDI and MIDI controllers
- Hands on introduction to Logic Pro
- Hands on basics of structuring and creating a track in Logic Pro including Percussion, Bass, Leads & Vocals
- Logic Pro recording essentials
- Introduction to Logic Pro track automation
- Introduction to basic Logic Pro compression and side chains
- Structuring your mix
- Bouncing, exporting and introduction to audio formats

Interested in offering an intro to computer music production session at your home or business? No previous experience required!

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Learn to DJ and Scratch!

An intimate hands on 101 introduction to the world of DJing and scratching. During this 2 hour session you will learn the fundamental basics of how to DJ and how to scratch. No matter if you would like to become the next club superstar or just looking for a fun hobby. Our hands on instruction will teach you the fundamentals of cuing, beat matching, mixing, scratching and blending on the state of the art Pioneer 2000 Nexus Cdj's and the DJM-900 Nexus Dj mixer.

- Introduction to DJ history
- Introduction to equipment set up and configuration
- Introduction to the CDJ 2000 Nexus
- Introduction to the DJM 900 Nexus
- Introduction to basic song structure
- Setting cue points
- Introduction to timing
- Beat matching basics
- Basic mixing techniques
- Introduction to basic scratching techniques
- Introduction to effects
- Recording tips and tricks

Hosted by micah J

For more info on micah J vist..

No previous experience required!
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Introduction to Mixdowns and Mastering

Make your tracks and mixes stand loud and proud in a saturated world of average production. In this detailed 4 hour session you will learn the basics of mixing down a multi layered track production and gain a fundamental understanding of the basics of the mastering process. Learn insider tips and tricks to apply to your future productions giving you an auditable edge in your genre.
Completion of Introduction to Computer Music Production or similar experience recommended.

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Want to Learn or Improve with a Specific DAW or Environment? 

Learn all aspects begininer to advanced production techniques in..

Logic Pro

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Want to learn or improve computer music production focused on a specific genre?

Learn to produce..

Drum & Bass
Dub Step
Hip Hop
Trip Hop
R & B + more!!

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Have a track you have produced that needs that professional touch to release?

We offer complete mixdown and mastering solutions for your music. Don’t send your tracks off somewhere else when you can be in the studio and learn how to improve your tracks from seasoned professionals!

Contact us or call 916.642.9237 and advance your music production and dj skills TODAY!